O3 School Management ERP

Integrated Solution for School Like (CG,CBSC,ICSC) Board

N-WORKS - O3 School ERP is a comprehensive Institute management solution for Schools. "O3 School ERP" is an education and e-governance system that takes care of administration, accounts,time-table managment,payroll & logistic system of an educational organization whether it is a School. "O3 School ERP" allows users to store almost all of their information electronically, including information of students, teaching staff, admin staff, etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users and records can be easily searched. Reports pertaining to the records can be easily generated. "O3 School ERP" is a real time web-based fully integrated software works on-line using WAN & LAN technology. One can access the information anytime from anywhere. Some of the modules covered in "O3 School ERP" are Student Management, Academic Activities, Management Activities, Other Essential Activities, and Communication etc